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Kim, the upcoming film by writer/director Bob DeNatale, is a sci-fi psychological thriller about a woman who wakes one day with no memory of who she is.

She tries to piece together the puzzle of her past, but her world seems to slip sideways whenever she gets a grasp on it. Strange and frightening figures dance in and out of her consciousness. Reality collides with a nightmare world of mutants, telepaths, and mad experiments.

Is any of this real, or is it all the distorted reflections of a shattered mind?


Dreamy and hypnotic, the film uses science fiction tropes to explore guilt, forgiveness and identity. What makes us who we are? Our memories? Our bodies? The expectations others have of us? Or is there something deeper, more illusive, that makes up our true selves?


Kim is in pre-production. The script is complete. We’re currently putting our team together and securing funding.


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